Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dreaming away

I do nothing the easy way. I probably cause that for myself. But nothing ever goes according to plan for me.

Before high school I wanted to be a singer. I did have the mostly mistaken opinion that I could make a decent living singing sacred music. HA!! But I wanted to. When I discovered musicals I wanted to sing on stage. Wearing too much make-up, singing beautiful, sometimes goofy songs. I have evidence that I even got to do some of this (oh yeah - VHS evidence of me singing in musicals - one of the Backstreet Boys is in the same video - much good it did me!).

When I was about 12 I decided that my life's goal was really to be a doctor. I came to this profound (albeit badly researched) decision based on a PBS show called "So, You Want to Be a Doctor?". or something like that. I loved the relationship that the students had with their cadavers.

Then I went to college and realized that going to class seemed to be optional and attempted to screw up my ability to go to med school. After a rocky semester at home, I returned to school in search of a new major. I ended up in English and then, at the sage advice of a friend, in Linguistics. I loved it! I changed my goal and went to grad school. Three months in I changed back - finished the MA and returned home to go to med school.

I have since then taught college, gone to half of medical school, sung in a couple of local groups, reacquainted myself with linguistics, made new friends in all my activities.

So what is the problem? I still want to sing. and I still want to do linguistics. and I still want to teach. and I still want to be a doctor. and I still want to do a lot of other things. and I can't give anything up. I am afraid to lose one dream in favor of another.


  1. Be a singing doctor working overseas!!! Medicine is a whole other language anyways....and singing is vital for stress relief!!

  2. New reader - hello!
    I hear you. When I had to decide on medical school vs. something else, I said, "Why does everyone always tell kids, 'You can do anything you want to do!' but fail to tell them they actually have to pick one or two things and can't do everything???" I would seriously love to be a printmaker and a developmental biologist and a writer and...