Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My candle has more than two ends

Ok, so on Friday I am going to Washington DC for a whirlwind three day tour. It is great: singing at Washington National Cathedral, nighttime walking tour of the monuments.

So what is the problem? That there are 24 other people going and I planned the trip. Apparently, people don't understand that a group trip means that the plans apply to everyone and creating your own outside plans messes up things for EVERYONE ELSE. The reservations, the cost, the cars, everything is arranged to make it happen for everyone.

I am not suggesting that anyone needs to take one for the team (except apparently me who is not really having fun with this anymore). Instead I am suggesting that people need to learnt o think like a group sometimes. This trip is so that a group of us can go sing. Not so that people can find gaps in the schedule during which they can escape to do things that were not planned.

I don't want to worry that someone is going to take his/her car and we suddenly won't have enough seats to transport people around because he/she decided to go see something in a museum.

I am sure it will be fine. I am trying to find a mindset in which I get to have some fun.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Second day

I now sit in my deserted office because it is after 2:30 and the academic day goes from about 10-2. Except for me.

I am waiting to teach at 3:30 and then again at 5. Let me be clear. I am thrilled, THRILLED, with my teaching schedule. 4 classes (so full-time woot woot) and they are all the same (so one prep woot woot). Unfortunately everyone I know is done by 12, so they run like bats out of hell.

I would normally plan, but I taught this class twice yesterday and it went well. WHy mess with it?

I have read a one million page article called "Global Transformations and Intimate Relations in the 21st Century: Social Science Research on Sexuality and the Emergence of Sexual Health and Sexual Rights Frameworks". A decent, if slightly long explanation of the current state of research on sexuality and the negative and positive use of rights in efforts toward freedom in sexuality. Why am I reading this?? Well, first because I am sitting in on a "Language and Sexuality" class and second because it is cool. It also reminds me of graduate school. Later tonight I must also conquer "Sociolinguistic Horizons: Language and Sexuality".

Ok, now I will go study anatomy some more.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Revolution

I am taking a break to blog while watching J and C play our newly acquired DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!! This is the first video game where I can beat J - not a status that will last without practice.

Christmas was wonderful - post URI. I finally pursued the advice of a licensed MD who momentarily marveled at my understanding of my own symptoms. I was sorely tempted to actually say "coryza" but I resisted. I told her I wanted an antibiotic after 8 days - and she THANKED ME for waiting and not contributing to drug resistance. Funny.

Anyway, I was thankfully in about 3/4 voice for Christmas, which was enough. Did Christmas Eve at my house. I made cheese fondue which was marvelous. I will be emperimenting with other sorts of fondue for sure!! Christmas morning was at Mom's - stockings from Santa and all. Christmas dinner at the grandparents' house as per usual. Mom gave us stuff for our new chest freezer - YIPPEE!!

Then three days with the in-laws. Very quiet. Mostly waiting on other people to show up or make decisions. I have, many years ago, learned to take a lot to do when venturing to Henderson.

Now I am back. Playing DDR. I should be writing a syllabus and calendar and possibly reacquainting myself with English phonetics. Oh and studying for boards. End of February. GAK!!

Sometime I will be philosophical again. Right now I must DANCE!!