Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, I just finished two weeks on neurosurgery. It was fun. Not nearly as much fun as general surgery, but I found something to like in it.I could have used a bit more guidance from the people in charge as to what to do and where to be, ah well.

Yesterday, during my last surgery on this rotation, the chief resident and the surgeon decided to actually be chatty. The surgeon wanted to make sure I understood that family medicine and psychiatry are both pointless because you have to talk to people and that patients are always failures at taking care of themselves so you needlessly ask the same questions over and over (are you taking your meds? etc.). Also, that there are two kinds of people in the world - those who want to be neurosurgeons and those who haven't realized it yet.

I told him, quite frankly, that I do not want to be a neurosurgeon and that he most certainly does not want me to be a neurosurgeon. Caught him completely off guard and he started laughing in the middle of surgery. So did the chief. Which led to a continued conversation in which we learned that the chief and I went to school together and know many of the same people. It got really pretty hilariously out of hand after that with the surgeon laughing at us both and the chief and I shooting the shit about everyone we knew in common from high school and where they are now.

I, also, got an evaluation this week that, among other things described me as "refreshingly candid and appropriately assertive." I have never heard such a good description of me.

Off to two weeks of ENT. Then finished with surgery and finally off to fourth year!!!

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