Saturday, June 5, 2010

100% there

a lot has gone on since last i posted.

1. Finished fourth year - after that family med month, there was inpatient psych (which i really should have blogged about), anatomy, research, university health (a wonderful rotation - no, really!!), pharmacology, trauma surgery, and family medicine offsite. then, that which i thought had become impossible happened...

2. i graduated. yep. i'm 100% there. that's me STM, MD. you know, if we put my other letters i'm, STM MD MA - which I think makes me a hallucinogen.

3. so those interviews...i ended up doing seven - Cincinnati, St. Joe's/MCW, Smiley's/Univ. of Minn., St. Joe's/Univ of Minn, North Memorial/Univ. of Minn, Tufts, Palmetto Health. i cancelled two - one in milwaukee and one at UofL. don't think i could be a cardinal anyway. was hard enough to be a tarheel.

aaaanyway, ranked five. matched at #1!! starting residency at St. Joe's/MCW in just a few weeks. yippee!!

4. moved to milwaukee. obviously necessary considering the job thing. that's more or less where i am right now. surrounded by the smell of cardboard. slowly the boxes are getting unpacked and our fabulous duplex is looking like home. i have never lived somewhere that i could just throw the windows open and cool my home. it's lovely. yesterday, we drove downtown and j hadn't seen the lake yet (um, that would be lake michigan). when i said, hey there's the lake (like you could miss it), he said no it's not, we are going the wrong way. um, seriously dude? i know i have no sense i direction, but there is only one gigantor body of water around here.

so far i love it here. i suppose we shall see what happened with odd hours and little sleep. j is still looking for a job or basking in the glow of being the doctor's husband. he is officially the househusband until he finds a job, once i go to work. he desperately needs to learn to cook.

i won't lie. this isn't the easiest thing i have ever done. i'm scared and underconfident. i'm worried that my patients won't get good care if i am the one providing it. i keep reminding myself that residency is an apprenticeship - right now i know a very little about a lot of things but my knowledge base will change. i start on ER, the OB, then NICU....NICU?!?!? i have assurances from a good friend that i can make it.

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