Friday, January 4, 2008

The Revolution

I am taking a break to blog while watching J and C play our newly acquired DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!! This is the first video game where I can beat J - not a status that will last without practice.

Christmas was wonderful - post URI. I finally pursued the advice of a licensed MD who momentarily marveled at my understanding of my own symptoms. I was sorely tempted to actually say "coryza" but I resisted. I told her I wanted an antibiotic after 8 days - and she THANKED ME for waiting and not contributing to drug resistance. Funny.

Anyway, I was thankfully in about 3/4 voice for Christmas, which was enough. Did Christmas Eve at my house. I made cheese fondue which was marvelous. I will be emperimenting with other sorts of fondue for sure!! Christmas morning was at Mom's - stockings from Santa and all. Christmas dinner at the grandparents' house as per usual. Mom gave us stuff for our new chest freezer - YIPPEE!!

Then three days with the in-laws. Very quiet. Mostly waiting on other people to show up or make decisions. I have, many years ago, learned to take a lot to do when venturing to Henderson.

Now I am back. Playing DDR. I should be writing a syllabus and calendar and possibly reacquainting myself with English phonetics. Oh and studying for boards. End of February. GAK!!

Sometime I will be philosophical again. Right now I must DANCE!!

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  1. Oh, God. You said that B word. That word has been forbidden in my house or in my presence. We shall flip out about the B word at a later date and NOT A MOMENT BEFORE.

    *flips out*