Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ready for bed

today was a good day. no. really. meaningful interaction with my students (I think). got some work done. didn't study (ok that isn't actually good). sang for a couple hours. really pretty good.

when i walked out of rehearsal tonight i went to my mother's car to get a book out. one of the neighborhood hooligans was apparently hiding in the nearby bushes because we started to hear "jesus doesn't love you, he only loves me" coming from the dark foliage.

all i could think was - pretty lame taunt dude

of course this was after the serenade on campus this afternoon by the fundies - the lyrics to the song?? "it's not ok to be gay, it's not okay to be a homo"!!! and all I could think was - pretty lame taunt dude

maybe i need to talk about taunting as a rhetorical device to help my students argue better. whatever, obviously time to go to bed when rhetoric creeps in to blogging

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